Thursday, September 6, 2012

Great DIY Projects

Keep Your Bank Account and Spouse Happy

September is always the check writing month if you have school clothes, supplies, just seems endless...... I got in a smidgen of hot water with my mister because I just bought us a dog. ..and even though it was a "cheap" dog....even though it was a humane society dog so we were doing our civic animal duty, it was ONE more expense that was not necessary so Mr. Mister got annoyed.  Which I totally get.   It was the last "check writing" straw for him.

The bummer is that now that the kids are back at work, you want to get to work on your house but all the money disappeared during  the back-to-school frenzy.  To get the house mojo flowing again,  we've chosen some DIY projects (mostly centered around fabric) that you Blue Boxers can manage beautifully without annoying the bank account or your wonderful spouse.  
Unique and cheap bed design 
 Home Depot dropcloth and a stencil!

Memorable tailored entry 
super octagonal center table

Budget-friendly console-
great utility and takes up space nicely

Stylish storage solutions
shelves make it super functional.  Bet you could find this shelving piece at ikea


ubiquitous but affordable ticking-
great office desk solution
{anna spiro}

Antique textiles or your fav fabric as art
got bare walls and bad art?...take some fabric you love and frame it.

gorgeous suzani as centerpiece
warms up the space and provides visual interest

Conversation piece textiles-
a quilt, old Pendelton blanket or kantha cloth can make your entry table an interesting focal point

No-frame art
frames for art can really add up fast$$$-  trim and apply right to the decoupage.

Antique plates as art-
get out your lovelies and use them in all sorts of ways...
{southern living}

luxuriously draped walls
takes a lot of fabric but the room doesn't need much more- serene and cozy...
{southern living}
a wow ikat textile
 creates a great work area and delineates the space as an office
{elle decor}
Good luck with some new projects!  Hope we've encouraged your brain cells to get creative in a way that protects your bank account and marital bliss:).
More to come,
Annie and the Blue Box Team
P.S.  The dog is a permanent member of our family and is most in love with mr. deke and look--how adorable......!! 
P.P.S.  Haystack Antiques - the pop-up on Main or the regular location behind Sports Authority - are both worth a visit.......come to our gingham corner if you have a free moment!