Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Style with Rosemary and Thyme

The Pleasure of Herbs

I certainly don't pronounce the "h" in only sounds correct and charming with a sophisticated English accent (like my darling pal Suz:)  Martha Stewart sounds ridiculously proper when she does it and gosh, the beauty of  rosemary, mint, tarragon, chives, sorrel and the like is that they are so unencumbered by pretension.   I always love that with herbs,  natural  is enough....

When the end of August and September arrive, it's fun to enjoy the its and bits remaining in the garden for sweet little herbal arrangements. Herbs make such aromatic additions with or without floral company.  If you missed your chance to plant herbs or don't know how, here's a link to a primer for those with the blackest you will be ready for next season.

a mortar and pestle
filled with herbs makes a stunning display

Galvanized pots and aluminum cans
are just right for a hot summer welcome

Beautiful additions to olive oils....
bring right to the table with a crusty baguette.

chop and add to the best butter
for a crowd-pleaser

bring a posie of herbs as a hostess gift

just a titch of natural beauty

a picnic table with charismatic herbs thrown in

just a glumph of rosemary in a mason jar is enough

irresistible placecards set the tone

a spontaneous centerpiece

Didn't grow any this year? Head to your market ....they always carry fresh now and it's usually less expensive than buying floral.  Add them to your table and meal with exuberance....  no-fuss and a no-miss!

More to come,

Annie and the Blue Box Team

{all images via pinterest}

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