Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My favorite color - Periwinkle

{blue with a lilac undertone}

Periwinkle always makes a beeline for my eye whether I'm at the nursery or design center or shopping for clothes.  Few colors make me as happy as this delish hue and I even like the saying the word "periwinkle".  Yes, it can be a bit sappy sweet, but just a spot of it here and there is a perfect pick-me-up.
In looking for some dynamite pictures for you all, I discovered I have lots of company in loving periwinkle.  Pinterest boards abound with this title....and I pulled most of these images from there

{ Are you following us on pinterest? or pinning for yourselves?  what a great tool for organizing your creative thoughts...  }

Here are a few views of my favorite color.... 

beautiful Raynaud french limoges

lots of both of these in my garden....scabiosa and delphinium

chic interior....periwinkle settee 

periwinkle cabana ...okay, maybe this is blue....but fun to look at anyway...
{image via fleaingfrance}

luscious blue Charlotte Moss bedroom

my favorite stationery comes in a beautiful light blue I like to think is almost periwinkle....

wish I could dash around in this fab periwinkle dress....minus the pink hair....!

the accent color of the south of France

{ image via sjarmerend-gjenbruk}

please yes bring these cupcakes to our next luncheon!

As I mentioned in previous posts, while I use color with a very light touch in my home, Josie likes a bigger dose, and I think Brooke is in-between us.  Even loving color as wildly as she does, Josie tempers it beautifully with lots of white details to keep the color fresh. I recommend a careful approach to color- a little goes a long way and you'll never tire of it if you use it judiciously. 
Well, except for sage green which, those of you who know us, is taboo in our decorating world. 
 Do you still have some of this color in your house??  Call "1-800-NO SAGE GREEN" and have it removed PRONTO!

More to come,

Annie and Team Blue Box

p.s.  all our friends and clients who do have sage green and adore it, you know we love you oodles anyway!!!

{all images via pinterest unless noted}

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