Monday, July 9, 2012

The Relief of Timeless Design

Inspiration comes in many forms.  In my world of constant ideas and images, most of the inspiration I wallow in comes from timeless design.  It's always a "phew" moment when I find it but a struggle to define it --especially when I like all sorts of style-  modern american, new belgian, and old french-they all pique my interest.  I have finally determined that the unifying thread is simplicity.  not sure I'm right....let me know what you think.....

Audrey and Jackie O (in gingham, I might add!) certainly understood timeless design and embraced simple fashion statements...

the timeless mercedes....this car will always look amazing....
never in wild colors (well, maybe a brief, ill-advised stint of horrid blue and burnt orange in the mid-eighties but we all had bad moments then:)
a serene vervoordt landscape...modern? 

a "new" barn--

simple topiary shapes

 In interior design, it seems like creating a home that can be whatever you desire- modern, rustic, cozy, is a trick of emphasizing simplicity which can then blossom into anything.....finding that sweet spot of timeless design is a great relief.  It means your taste can evolve, but you don't have to drive your hubby to drink or call the real estate agent to accomodate it.

david easton does simple---this living room could be turned into traditional in a snap...
(hey client d+d, this pic is for you!)

This house had a former life as a charming english country cottage chock full of goodies....
sills and huniford easily transformed it
-a minimalist twist on traditional-
(very chic but I need a little more comfort)
are these interiors traditional or modern?

This fireplace is inspiring...if you put an antique chair next to it, it would create a completely different mood- the fireplace detail is so straightforward it can handle lots of styles....

Albert Hadley rocks simple...and so can you...
a jolt of color and interesting "finds" are all it takes to give this entry personality.

So into yoga mode we go....this exercise is for me and much as you- I can make myself
c-r-a-z-y with a million ideas....which means I end up paralyzed, which drives me insane, which just makes my darling hubster wonder if we will ever finish the house..... ....let's
"oooohhmmmm" ourselves into timeless design...and keep in mind, it's simply simple......

more to come,

p.s....just getting the image credits thingie down....will do it right next time!

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