Monday, July 23, 2012

Furry and Feathery Friends

I have a little dream...that our miniature pony, Tinkerbelle, can come live with us....  Unfortunately, our yard won't really suffice- though I would be happy to convert a corner of our garage into her stall....just need to work around the city council and the biggest obstacle, the fact that her little mini stallmate at the ranch can't stand to be parted from her..... but how fun to take her for a trot around the neighborhood...or for my pal while I garden.

So for now, I live vicariously through others who are able to have a small corner of the country in their suburban setting.  I recently went to pick up Lulu at a friend's party and three chickens were running around the yard-  blissful!  Josie has a bunch of pins on her pinterest boards of darling chicken coops that made me so envious....I pulled a few for you to see that are heavenly.  I do love fresh eggs- they are sooooo different from store bought -  but hens aren't the cuddliest of creatures.  Might the ambiance of the coop and their pretty feathery presence balance out the lack of friendliness?? (are you following us on pinterest?  it's a very fun way to track our different interests)

For a while I thought goats would be the answer, but recently we travelled to Ellensburg for a horse clinic and our sweet mare, Chickie, who isn't fazed by anything, was completely annoyed (as was I)by the two little goat rascals stalled next to her- super cute and funny but total bleating chatterboxes! 

Should I do chickens? Mr. Deke might not let me do that...though he is very tolerant....Perhaps I will just have Tinks come for visits...if I can keep her out of the flower beds!

More to come,
Annie and Team Blue Box

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