Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth of July Dinner in 30 Minutes

Hello Blue Boxers! 
We were on inadvertent blog hiatus while life, work and kids overwhelmed us!   But we are back in control of our lives (I'd like to think so anyway....) and ready to share more beautiful ideas.  I'm planning to post on Mondays so check in with us:)....
Can't believe the fourth of July is upon us...we have yet to see the sun here...oh wait......we did see it in May briefly. But DEFINITELY not in June.
Just returned from a 3-day horsie show in the oldest, mustiest barn ever....and I am exhausted.  So for our fourth with the extended family, I am not planning anything remotely Martha-esque, bless her perfectionist heart....

this is more my vision for the day:

 If you are wanting for the easiest Independence Day menu without serving hot dogs:) here are my staples all of which can be served room temp so you can prepare ahead and just relax:
grilled salmon
corn salad 
 tomato bread salad
 raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
with homemade vanilla ice cream
....or haagen dazs, depending on how much time you have. 

I know you all can grill salmon, so I won't go there....Below is Ina Garten's recipe for corn salad- the only thing I do differently is I cut the kernels off before cooking so I can control the crispness of the corn better..

And this is a blueprint for a easy-peasy no miss bread salad- I use really good balsamic vinegar and for sure a great olive oil rather than red wine vinegar and god forbid, vegetable oil. But do this salad to please your taste buds. If red onion is too strong for your guests, soak onion in water for a bit to tame it.  Crank some good sea salt and pepper on better have sea salt in a grinder by now, Blue Boxers!  tastes soooo much better.

Put your little desserts in mason jars for the rustic look....somehow it makes it seem like you did something special...If your fruit isn't as luscious as you would like, bake it in the oven (not the raspberries- add those after cooking and the residual heat will be more than sufficient) with a bit of sugar and framboise....delicious.....

So..... go for it....on the simple always!
More to come,
Annie and the Blue Box team

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