Monday, April 23, 2012

Friends with Chairs

Do you have a chair you love?  We want to see it!  Send us a picture of your favorite (with you in the pic as well...)  Brooke had this fun idea she did with her friends a few years ago.  She showed us this pic when we interviewed her which is a big reason why we grabbed her immediately- "you like blue and white checks? you are hired."
  Over the next few months (years?) we will bring you photos of us, our clients, and yes, you! with  pet chairs.  Not the Grizzly variety hopefully....although we are open minded.

They needn't be the most lovely, just the most loved. Before and Afters are welcome too- we adore transformations!  We've recruited many a Goodwill chair to our projects with great results. Here are some delicious looks in lots of different styles to get you thinking about the chair you already own or the chair you want to make your own.....

This is not technically a chair but super fantastic anyway!

More to Come,
Annie, Josie and Brooke

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