Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blue Box Bulletin

Here's a quick update on things in and out of the Blue Box....

Upcoming Events
Although we have many more design touches planned for our office, we are LOVING it....Have no idea how we functioned properly without it...When we get a little more pulled together in the next few weeks, look for an invitation for an Inventory Sale. We will host it right in the office and have great "priced-to-sell" items we need to clear out.

Additionally, we are planning to create a Pillow Bar where you can come down to our office, take a menu card, pick your fabric, trim, size etc.., fill in your card and order up your custom pillows from a vast array of delicious, super-affordable options. Our dear friend, Susan Huffman, who is THE BEST seamstress, will be on hand to help make sure we get all the unique details right for you. Here are some delightful pillow ideas and happy colors for spring...can't do this much color and excitement in my house (Josie can!) but I loooove looking....

(etsy poufs, eileen kathryn boyd design)

Thank you thank you, all you Blue Box pals who liked us on Facebook!  Sure do appreciate it:)  Josie and I are still kind of embarrassed to ask (Facebook is still a challenge for us) but Brooke says we are just old fuddyduddies and I must say, I really do feel like one in the social media context.

Basketball Update
We are sponsoring another basketball team- Brooke and Josie are playing together!!!  Unfortunately Game 1 found our team placed accidentally in the Elite Division where they met former college ballers who played overseas...whoops!  Brooke reported that they were Amazons (like the picture below) who were not amused by our lovely Blue Box team and our more creative plays. hmph!

Game 2 was not much better.  Brooke said that they had to play old trash-talking 45-year old women (uh, hellow!, they are younger than I am, Brookie!)who scared our sweet team. But Game 3 was a merciful victory!!! The "Teen Who Shall Remain Nameless" was prepared to overhaul the playbook but perhaps they are on a roll??  Of note, outfits are everything.  No ugly basketball shorts allowed.  Josie even wears a skirt ---love!  (though she has somehow managed to miss every game....)
Speaking of that "Teen...", he clearly is an amazing coach as he brought our other Blue Box team, the fourth-grade neighborhood boys, to victory in the championship game at the Boys and Girls Club this weekend. Congrats, Colonials!!! Much more importantly, all the coaches were dashing in their suits!
Thanks again for all your likes, comments and feedback!

More to come,
Annie, Brooke and Josie

P.S.  Don't forget to visit  Blue Box at Haystack Antiques in Bellevue.  We are always pulling in new, vintage, antique and gently used  items for our booth.  All the dealers there are fabulous!

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