Sunday, February 12, 2012

Workshop Updates

 So as many of you know, we are currently in development mode at Blue Box Workshop. We are creating a larger office in my basement to contain our projects.
 bye bye rec room, helloooo workshop!

The kids were pretty sanguine when we folded up the ping-pong table...they are tired of our work spread all over the house. We won't have any windows:(   but at least we will have a lot of real estate to spread out! We got our paint brushes out, out favorite painter, Tonia, to coach us and we set to work! Before we began, Tonia had us write our dreams and goals for the business on the walls....a fun way to instill our energies directly into the space. Can't wait to show you the after pics!

Our other update is our massive (tee hee!!) PR push... YUP, we have gone all out and sponsored a local basketball team....coached by "The Teen Who Shall Remain Nameless", the Boys and Girls Club Colonials consist of some fabulous 4th grade boys who proudly wear our company name on their backs... How darling is that???

Our most important update is our tentative launch of our website in early March! The site is with the developer currently, we are getting our data and photos ready to upload, and then we will hit "GO"! we will need lots of feedback from you, our friends and supporters, so we can really make our "Blueprints for Stylish Living" work for all of you. Our spies have indicated that the current batch of similar online businesses are not producing particulary unique or thoughtful design blueprints for a reasonable price. They either lack great design punch OR are too high priced for the average consumer. Soooo looking forward to the our launch party...we will send you your invitation in March!

 More to come,
 Annie, Brooke and Josie

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