Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get Your Design Mojo On

Just thought I'd send some wonderful inspiration your way as we are having a typically gray Seattle day.  Makes it difficult to jump up and be productive...maybe you are in the same dilemma....NYTimes Science section recently ran the following article:

 February Seattle Blues Disorder Runs Rampant 
Doctors worry it may become viral

This may someday be listed in medical textbooks as a real condition akin to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  The difference in diagnosis is that the Seattle version (SBD) requires a green pallor and REI clothing.  Plus, the only known cure is a ticket to the Parker in Palm Springs.

If you need some excitement for your eyes,  I've chosen two blogs that might get your energy flowing and get you up and working on some great nesting projects. Now this is a seriously creative little bird....

Just a glimpse of the header for Janelle Mcculloch's wonderful blog should make you cheerier...  Peek at her books on Amazon if you get a chance....

Also dabble in one of my all time favorite blogs, Belgian Pearls.  Belgian design has been my inspiration for years and the author, Greet, brings this style to life in her home and in her family business in Belgium.  Beta-Plus has the best design books for further accurate material in this genre.  Restoration Hardware does "Belgian on Steroids"...forget that (where do you put those massive pieces?) and check out the real thing!

More to come,
Annie, Brooke and Josie

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