Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo Shoot Outtakes

Puh-leeze Be Serious...
Oh Lordy!  We had a hilarious day even though we had been dreading it.....

In attempting to get with the 21st century business model, we are trying to put together a professional website and of course this blog, facebook, and twitter.  Josie, Brooke and I have diviied up the responsibilities of social media: Brooke as the youngest and most with-it is in charge of facebooking, Josie - because she claims she really can not spell- is in charge of tweeting, and I, why??, am the team blogger.  In order to do Blue Box Workshop justice, we are building a nice little custom website (coming in February!). Our web designer and developer have been pushing us for photos of "before and after" design project visuals and also, pictures of ourselves.....ugh......who likes photos of themselves?  well, yeah, Jennifer Aniston...

Months ago, when this first came up, we thought we would all lose ten pounds, have a stylist come in, hire a professional photographer, and we would of course look FAB, CHIC, SKINNY....for our photo shoot......or at a minimum we would manage to look better than in everyday life!  But the realities of time and money killed that dream and we resorted to my sweet sister-in-law, Jeannie, being photographer and we were our own stylists:) and we shot it in my kitchen.

Personally, I of course think my partners look AMAZING.  They both have megawatt star smiles and BEEyoootiful hair.

I was showing my dear dear friend Andy these pics - she raved about Josie and Brookie, too! 

And just as I was thinking they were ok of me, she said, "Oh my Gawd, you are soooooo not photogenic.  Oh my Gawd, you are sooooo much better in person."  (that's kind of a compliment, right???) 
Then she added, "You know, I think it's just an age thing. You ARE a lot older than Josie and Brooke.  That's probably why your pics aren't good."  uh...okay...yeah that's true, andy. thanks.  thanks a lot....great feedback. um  don't you need to go home now, andy?  yeah...bye bye sweetie.  see you next week ...yeah okay thanks.  yep yep i luv ya.....YEAH BUH- BYE !

Now that I've recovered from that, here is a glimpse of our goofy day trying to get some good shots....our funnier moments....

Brooke is making us laugh too much!!

Josie is making us laugh too much!

When is lunch???

i give up....

More to come!
Annie and Team Blue Box

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