Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Best Camouflage....

Instead of Therapy or Plastic Surgery!

You know when you have an extra five pounds on you and you just feel schlumpfy?  You can't afford the personal trainer, liposuction, or 100 calorie meal delivery service that the stars rely on.... so you do the next best do your hair and makeup, put on your best camouflage outfit, and voila!!

problem solved. 

Interior design is much the same.  How to inject a little vavoom into your bland room?  Need to create eye-candy on a long wall?  Your room lacks coziness?  Well, for some reason, Martin Lawrence Bullard and Kathryn Ireland aren't answering your phone calls.  You can't build the wall that really should have been built because your dog is asthmatic and dust will kill her.  You can't buy that  piece of art that is simply incroyable!!  Because your husband is color blind and thinks it's pink...  or, more likely, you just need to win the lottery.  Fat chance. But you can solve your issues without trauma by designing or purchasing a screen.  Really you can.   Most rooms we work on present tons of issues and happily, many are resolved by finding a screen on the market or customizing one affordably.

We typically use them to overcome lack of architectural structure, bad proportions, and/or lack of money for great art.   If you have a nice handy person handy, this project is your next fun goal.   Take a look at these great finds picked out, all of which can be copied in one form or another. Use a variety of materials from wallpaper to fabric to wood and you just might amaze yourself. 

And how yummy do they look in rooms with problems?  do you see the problem or the yumminess?  Just like when you gripe about that extra weight you hate, your friends tell you, you are perfect!  Don't they??? If not,....well, you have bigger issues.  I can probably recommend a therapist for that.....:)


             Here is a solution we worked for a sophisticated, sweet
16-year old girl's room
we recently completed...we had lots of real estate, not a lot of art, a tight we made two panels like part of a screen, wallpapered them and placed on either side of the bed... 
a super chic solution! 
(We also had the camel hump bedside tables made and topped them with custom cut mirror.....)

In the charming
14-year old sister's room 
we again had too much real estate on the bed wall so we created a massive screen to give her a little more of a
for her bed...
(cute pendants are white wicker from IKEA and we just added scrunchy white cotton over the cords...)

And finally, for a darling client of ours, we had our super furniture guys whip up two of these
gray lacquered screens
with Schumacher wallpaper for either side of a couch- the room is long and skinny with no architectural detail or height so we manufactured some...

Give some thought to your design issues and the affordable options for great camouflage...

More to come,
Annie and Team Blue Box

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