Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Improvements

Blue Box Intentions for 2012
Okay, I'm a disaster!

Blogging lesson #1: 
don't ever do a countdown or countup during the holidays.

Sorry I went AWOL!

Brooke and Josie didn't even bark at me to get counting which made me think I could get away with it. Well, I just felt guilty the whole holiday..... However, it's a new year and I am forever grateful for fresh starts:)

I loooove a new year to be supremely motivated, recalibrate and make things happen! Our family sits down to breakfast every January 1st and sets out our intentions, reviews the previous year's list, and makes predictions. Our percentage hovers slightly over or under 50% depending on the family member but we always strive for greater improvement and have a lot of laughs about our successes and omissions. My overarching theme year after year is "FINISH TO COMPLETION". I tend to be a starter... I get a little taste of success, and then I move on to the next project.....leaving a big debris field..... Does that sound familiar to any of you? Thank heavens my Deke is patient. too patient probably. I think I should get chewed out once in a while... Anyway, TEAMWORK is the way to success and since I lean on my team to help me finish my tasks and inspire me, we want to share our energy and ideas with you. We will focus on resolutions/intentions over the next few weeks so that we can all get moving productively, creatively, happily towards a more beautiful, aesthetically pleasing 2012!

Our first collective goal for the new year? 
Make yourself a personal spot to work.

We at Blue Box are each working on our personal work zones...(Brooke just tore hers out and is starting from scratch.)   Here's my cozy little office off the kitchen- no bigger than a little walk-in closet but I love it. I even light a candle when I work in there:)  Every item in there puts a smile on my face...ok...maybe not the bills... 

If you like a cleaner look and are short on space, make your bedside table double as a desk with a darling chair you can pull up. This is what Josie is planning to do....Check out some of these great set-ups where space is at a premium...


...if you need more places to stash stuff, add a rolling white lacquer file cart underneath or a set of stacked lidded baskets.
Even if you have a workspace, give it a facelift this week:)


Organize your children's workspaces in a similar fashion...they need the structure too and nothing is more reasonably priced than an Ikea desk kitted out for a kid....This is what Josie did for her daughter, Stuart...cheery, functional and inexpensive!
If you need to really maximize a small space, do a simple built-in desk -
Check back for the photos of this work in progress in a few days!

And Finally, Blue Box Workshop is halfway to a new office in my basement...we will post before and afters ASAP...so let's all get crackin' on our work zones! It's a zippy way to start our 2012 directed and productive...

More to come,
Annie and Team Blue Box

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