Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wedding in Texas

Family and I flew to San Antonio for the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Dottie..whom we affectionately call Dot Dot, Dotsie, Dotsie Doodle.... to David..a total prince, old fashioned gentleman.  She finally got hitched for the first time in her fifties!  Ridiculously exciting!  I remember when we worked together sixteen years ago it took me months to get her to talk about dating:).

 Blue Box didn't do the wedding- Dot is totally capable-She is an event planner by profession!  I just consulted with her a little .  The invites are my favorites ever...I found this fabulous site online, Bella Figura, and their letterpress offerings are exquisite. The card stock is decadently thick.  Check out their other styles. Yum-o-la!!! BTW, Dots loved working with them. They did invites, programs, menu cards etc....

Her china pattern could be considered a break with tradition but has been around forever ... mottahedeh Blue Canton.  This was a great fit for her and her husband because they live in a townhouse built in the eighties with lots of sharp geometry- If Blue Box Workshop ever gets it's paws on it, we would update it with a clean, fresh palette with a few warm color pops to play off a lot of white. The before and after pics would be awesome!.....right, David??  Back to the crucial subject of china, and before I hack off darling David - the blue and white will look great plus, the Asian motif works so well with northwest architecture.

Dottie is a G.R.I.T.(girls raised in the south) so she leans toward feminine southern style that has a ton of charm.  Worked great in her brick georgian condo on the top of Queen Anne..but we all know how much compromise is necessary for the dictates architecture AND more importantly, for a happy home life. My Mr. Lundquist always says that on domestic issues he has a 49% vote -- this results in a lot of close calls but very few wins:) for him.  I know for a fact most husbands aren't that generous. (check with my ex-husband-!!!!)

Okay so going to a wedding in Texas in the winter but it's 70+ degrees is tricky on the wardrobe!  Yech...I totally struggled. and then it ended up sunny, WINDY and FREEZING. None of us packed right. But in true Texas style and since I'm lacking the requisite big hair, I opted for lots of bling to compensate... I just piled my silver jewelry into my suitcase.  Tellier and Lulu were in the wedding along with Dottie's nephew, Carter.... Velvet jackets and gray slacks on boys and silk taffeta ruffle dress and lavender shoes on lulu all from J.Crew wedding! 

And WHY can't we all get dressed up more often?  Don't you think we would be smarter? More successful?  Kids would be better behaved?  Maybe not but when our family walked out of the hotel all duded up for the wedding, Tellier said, "I feel like we are part of the British Dynasty". I think he meant monarchy but funny!  (He also wrote in his grandma's birthday card while we were there, "You always look like you're wearing a million bucks!". We got a good chuckle out of that one....)

Anyway, here are some pics of a super pretty, very traditional southern wedding, small, intimate and the happiest of occasions.....!!!  The antique hydrangeas and soft peach roses, blown to perfection, were luscious- Danny at Trinity Flowers in San Antonio.  Calligraphy on invites, place cards, and guest gift boxes was cheery in her orchid color and simple in style - by Pascal in Kirkland, Washington.  I put a pic in to show you all the yummies that Dot's mom, Mimi, and her dear helper, Easter, made with love for all the guests. 

Dot and David did a fabulous rhumba to a stylish Pink Martini song....who knew they were so talented???

And they rumbled off in a vintage gold mercedes the kids decorated with pink ribbons and the requisite tin cans:) Honeymoon in Fiji......(David, sneak a pic of Dot in her bathing suit and tell her you are posting it on Annie's blog....!!!)

Parties sure are a lot of work.... But heck, all that attention to detail makes events just so fun.  That's why we at BB Workshop looooove giving good parties, helping you all give them, and we especially like going to great weddings, little dinner parties, goofy birthdays, casual cocktails, and on and on.  A thoughtful plan and appropriate delegating make a winner out of a host.  Thanks, Dottie, David, Vivian, Mac, Mimi, Easter, Nance, John and all the others who made this evening memorable.....

More to come....
Annie and the Blue Box team

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