Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Countdown No. 12

On the twelfth day of the holiday countdown, the organizing angels did sing that we should have our days planned out 12-1.

That's right, our only task on this twelfth day of the countdown is to make a BIG master list of all the tasks you have left---which are probably on five different pieces of random paper OR like me, floating around in your head making you CRAZY at 2am. Kids are almost out of school so the really efficient days of getting a ton of errands done are close to ending.

Josie and Brooke are incredible planners.  Hasn't rubbed off on me yet -  maybe a few more decades of working together:)  We can all improve though, right?  Even Martha Stewart MUST have some weak spots....

My goal is to have things in place so that the whole family takes part in getting ready---lots of family gift wrapping sessions so I am not throwing paper on gifts randomly on Christmas Eve at warp speed by my lonesome..

 the lone wrapping ranger will not ride again! make your master list!

More on Day 11 tomorrow....
Team Blue Box
Annie, Josie and Brooke

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