Sunday, December 4, 2011

Special Day...

Today is the anniversary of my mom's death - it's been 21 years. I know it's been a long time but I still tend to get a little down around this time...gosh, she has missed so much good stuff!!  I'll always wish she could meet her grandkids....

 (side note!: JoAnne wants me to refer to her as "Josie" in this blog...and I totally agree since we are casual chatty here.  Josie is her nickname and is what I always call her otherwwise she thinks she's in trouble...just like when my Deke calls me Ann instead of Annie- yipes!  Did i bounce a check?  Dent the car? Hate it when he calls me Ann!!)

Anyway, Josie decided we needed to honor my mom with something bold, daring and memorable rather than just visiting her at the cemetery. My mom was rather bold and daring and could make a big SPLASH  when she wanted....Josie said in her usual way, "Come on, sister love, quit yer moping!  We have to jump in Lake Washington every December 4th!!"  Crazy girl.  So we did it last December 4th.  It was  terrific and exhilarating and just the perfect event to honor Lucy Wakefield Smith. and it's our new tradition.

Today was Dunk #2 and in addition to me, hubby Deke and Josie, my sis-in-law aka Boonie came son Tellier participated by just being COLD in T-shirt and shorts.  Another teenager, who shall remain nameless, stated that he wouldn't come because it would be toooooo DANGEROUS.  J's hubby Mikey was our photographer with strict orders to take pics from the front, waist up, with us having full editorial rights.   It was a stunning morning on the lake at 8am. Misty sunrise, flat water, peachy sky. Serene. Pasty white and shivering, we put on our tennies or Tevas (we killed our feet last year on the rocks), ran into the water SCREAMING, went for super quick immersion SCREAMING and raced out SCREAMING, hooting, hollering....I'm sure the neighbors had a lousy Sunday wake-up cuz we definitely caused a ruckus:)  Totally invigorating.

The whole day was FABULOUS---the result of a meaningful moment expressed in a nutty way.... The polar bear plunge chased away any sadness.  A happy gesture to a great woman.  Hey and how divine to do something crazy for FREE! I highly recommend it---take the whole family!!!

BIG thanks to my Josie for being wackadoodle and making this happen xxxxoooo

More to come,

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