Monday, November 7, 2011

Rustic Wedding Part III

The wedding cake came completely plain just before the ceremony. Meghan ordered it that way because she was worried about it being too fussy....but failed to tell us it had nothing on it! I was cursing her as I was decorating it in the mad rush to finish before guests arrived:) turned out super cute... must have been meant to be...thankfully had more of those adorable chalk hearts (Etsy-dazzlingdesigns) and we put rosemary EVERYWHERE. Smelled divine..... FYI cake was yum-o-la!

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During the reception, the newlyweds did a darling tango - note the hot little dress Mrs. Simonsen threw on!! BTW, Beulah was a phenomenal photographer....many of these are her pics. check out her website,

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The tent was warm and inviting, the wind and rain came and went all night....the cigar rollers added a very unexpected fun touch to the evening, the dancing was outrageous, the toasts were heartfelt...everyone was so happy.

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Here is Meghan, Connie (mother-of-bride), JoAnne (sister-of-bride), and Stuart (niece-of-bride)!

Many many thanks to Connie and Joe, parents of the bride, for being wonderful, supportive and appreciative. Special thanks to Paul Sr. and Carolyn, parents of the groom, for the flowers (and Paul was a great dishwasher:)) and Paul and Meghan- big hugs for trusting us and letting us be creative!!

annie and team

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