Monday, November 7, 2011

Rustic Wedding Part II

Meghan and Paul looked incredible and were soooo relaxed....the wind was fierce on the point and we were seconds away from moving the whole event inside the tent but the weather held and the new couple walked up the aisle- Mr. and Mrs. Simonsen - super cute kids in their future!!!

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We made a simple chandelier out of plywood wrapped in burlap, rosemary, lavender, grape vines and hydrangea, hung ribbon and mason jar lanterns - lit the candles and strung it up at the very last minute....the sweet DJ Joe helped Mike hoist it - thank goodness for his willingness to jump in!!

Here's Annie serving lemonade with cute striped straws. These are just Starbucks Frappucino bottles cleaned and de-labeled - but they add a festive, casual touch...would be great at any party!

The invites were spectacular letterpress our friend Gail designed. We used the M & P logo and font for the name cards, lavender bags and signage. JoAnne's amazing husband, Mike, recreated the font for all these chalkboards we made - how talented is HE????Mikey can do anything:) will NOT do an event without him!

The darling chalkboard hearts we ordered from Etsy to tuck in our burlap wrapped herbs. These are from a charming couple who UNBELIEVABLY live in Melbourne!! They also supplied us with chalk arrows and chalk-label wine bottles we used for water with the table numbers on them. Meghan LOVES scrabble so we added the cute love words to our herb pots for an added surprise.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Loved how the event truly reflected the couple vs. some off-the-rack impersonal wedding.