Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great Hostess Gifts

December Countdown...
Yipes the holidays are upon us! All those last minute dashes from running kids around, going to the grocery, and having ten minutes to get ready for a holiday event....I know I end up throwing on a LBT (stands for little black top instead of little black dress...because how often do we get to do a dress??? Not us folks in Seattle...good lord we are casual), some great jewelry, and what I hope are a skinny-fying pair of jeans. My husband is yelling at me to jump in the car because "you look fine, honey!" even though I know I could do sooooo much better....and then screech! I realize I need a hostess gift. So I totter down to the basement in my heels, hubby saying "we don't need to take anything!!!" and I always wish I were ORGANIZED. PERMANENTLY. FOREVER. READY. PREPARED.  LIKE A BOY SCOUT.  But I'm not......

However, on my good days, and we all have those, I do have some on hand solutions for hostess gifts that are more unique than candles, soap or wine...although I'm thrilled to receive all of those!

How about a divine olive oil or balsamic vinegar  you
would never step up to buy for yourself? This is a special gift because your host will remember you each time he or she uses it. Wrap it in a plain brown bag that the grocery store puts your wine in- add a great ribbon, tag, and a sprig of rosemary or boxwood and it's understated chic! Promise Team Blue Box that you will ditch the dorky wine bags that cost you 4 bucks...hate them but feel bad throwing them out!!  Plus that brown bag is recyclable, sustainable, organic....have I left anything out??

If you do give wine, consider something off the beaten path like a prosecco - a super festive treat. My Dutch friend turned me on to this and I love giving and receiving it.  ( thanks, JVdB!)

For a really personalized thank you, we adore customizing a collection of gift tags a host can put right to work this holiday season. This is what we have given many of our clients for a holiday thank-you. It's fun to put together a selection that speaks to your friend's style.

Collecting them throughout the year when you see darling ones on sale takes the pressure off...here is a picture of our yummy stash of cards and ribbon we pull from to put together a gift for clients....a nice wide range of styles not strictly holiday in theme.
Think outside the box- we even hole-punch letterpress coasters, add a ribbon and treat it like a super-groovy gift tag.
Best presented in a cello bag...if you don't have a slew of different sized cello, make your life easier and purchase some! We get ours at Packaging Specialties but I imagine Michael's or other craft stores in your area certainly carry them.   
A couple of other FAB ideas: a yummy selection of sea salts, a great set of pencils (I just received this myself and was thrilled - Dransfield and Ross faux croc pencils in dark brown-  thanks, BG!!) or a rosemary standard or cone (I bought a group of these for my xmas decor at  Home Depot $10 each!!!). 

It's 12 days to Christmas and even fewer til Hannukah...we will do our Blue Box Holiday Countdown starting tonight!  Check in and see what's cooking....

More to come,
Team Blue Box  --  Annie, JoAnne and Brooke

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