Friday, November 11, 2011

Blue Box Hosts a Simple Dinner Party

Hello Blue Boxers,

We are tremendously excited that we are just starting to have a little following on facebook and this blog. Thanks for your support!

Although we have barely recovered from our Florida outing, we had a fun neighborhood gathering on the calendar for last night. So we got our team energized with lattes and quickly pulled together the house....having been a construction zone for the last few months, it was a bit stressful! But my husband is always pushing for an in-home event once a quarter because he knows that then the house DEFINITELY begins to sparkle...

We pulled the Churchill dishes out of the suitcases, gave then an extra run through the dishwasher, grabbed a load of yummies from Whole Foods and made everything pretty! Here are a few pictures...not the best quality. We are trying to master the art of great blog lighting and resolution but we aren't even close yet! We are veering wildly between dark and moody and harsh and bright pics. So sorry! Could we please have a photographer on staff??? yeah, well it will have to be one of us!!

Quick and easy finger foods were required with 40+ guests. Breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto are always a fav- these need to be served fairly quickly or the breadsticks will get soggy. We did ours too soon...or people were socializing too much to eat immediately. A better solution would have been to have passed them.

A salmon and caper bruschetta, a tomato bruschetta, green salad with homemade vinaigrette (good olive oil, tons of lemon juice, a liberal dollop of sea salt- emulsify!),roasted veggies- all easy-peasy and good at room temperature. Another yummy hors d'oeuvres-- thinly sliced roast beef on thick crunchy salt and pepper chips with a daub of good horseradish- delicious.... lots of special cheese - a blue paired with a candied orange was especially interesting - and nuts and olives rounded out our nibbles. A great nut dish: roast raw almonds til they smell nutty, throw them hot into a bowl of olive oil, coarse sea salt, and chopped Rosemary- toss! so aromatic and savory.

On the bar: make it look fun with a few types of beverages and repeat with multiples: five bottles of French lemonade, a bunch of white and red wine, and a healthy grouping of San Pellegrino. If you have leftovers, great!

Finally, homemade cookies were mixed with store bought - no problem there! Don't be sheepish when there are such high quality items available.

Keep in mind the secrets to successful entertaining: make it simple, don't be a fussy host, and laugh a lot! People so appreciate that you made an effort and cared enough to invite them over....they certainly don't need you to be as fabulous as you think you should be:)

Thanks to all the friends who came by....KB, the Saggi wine was fabulous! And it's always wonderful to reconnect with family and pals when we all have so much going on. More upcoming on this blog on interior design- lots of great holiday decorating ideas too!

Annie and the Blue Box team

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